Save Money with One Way Cheap Van Rental Los Angeles to San Francisco

So you have planned a holiday to Southern California from Los Angeles airport LAX to San Francisco with your entire family & relatives. You already seem to have crossed your budget after allocating appropriate funds for your shopping, lodging and so on and don’t have a great deal to spend on your travel expenses. You can still have a great time here by taking a few steps to save money. Your stay and your moving around can be a lot cheaper if you follow a few tips when you are in San Francisco. Getting cheap van rental Los Angeles to San Francisco one way is the first one in this regard. While planning for the trip, you must consider how you would be travelling within the City and places around it. While planning a trip to San Francisco, book your van in advance. It would save you some money if you keep your dates flexible. As San Francisco is a much visited city, weekends will definitely cost you more for both hotel as well as van rentals. Similarly during festivals and big holidays too, the rates will be a bit higher; plus there are chances that you do not get a vehicle of your choice.

Passenger Van Hire from Los Angeles to San Francisco:

While on a budget trip, visit the places where the entry is free or well within your budget. This may include places like the Golden Gate Park, where on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, the entry is free between 9 to 10 am, and some great art and culture museums etc. Other than these free-of-cost places, there are few good places where the entry fee is quite reasonable. If you are moving in a group, then cheap van rental Los Angeles to San Francisco from LAX Van Rentals is a sure-shot way to save money. In place of hiring multiple smaller vehicles, you can hire 11 seat passenger van , 12 seater passenger van or 15-seater van for your group based on the number of people. You can then share the cost among your traveling members. Not just money, this also saves time and effort, as parking one vehicle is easier than parking two or three. Additionally you’re traveling stress-free knowing that everyone in your party is at one place, together. On the way from LAX airport to San Francisco make sure to visit Garlic capital of the nation and world. Gilroy is well known for its garlic crop and for the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, featuring various garlicky foods, including garlic ice cream. Gilroy also produces mushrooms in considerable quantity. Travelling to the happening places like the Fishermans Wharf and Chinatown etc., becomes quite convenient with a good vehicle at your disposal.

For booking a Full size cheap van rental Los Angeles to San Francisco, always make sure there are no discrepancies in the rates posted as some rental companies have hidden charges. Compare the types of vehicle they offer, their services and their rates. Plus, if you are an automobile plan member such as AAA, this membership will get you some discount from your LAX van rentals. You also get discounts on long duration trips. With a prior booked rented van, you will enjoy your visit more with easy access to the places of interest in the city. Whether you want to visit the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for a relaxed morning on the beachside and then would want to see the amazing Asian Art museum and other such places, you need a vehicle available with you.

Full Size Van Rental LAX from Los Angeles to SFO Airport in San Francisco:

While booking cheap van rental San Francisco, ensure that there are no compromises on the
quality and safety departments. After all, you would want everyone traveling with you to have a safe & peaceful journey. Ensure that you book your cheap van rental Los Angeles to San Francisco today from LAX Van Rentals, so that you enjoy a hassle-free trip and good services. Visit our reservation and fleet page for van rental LAX for all the aforementioned services and that too at unbeatable prices. For full size passenger van hire Los Angeles to San Francisco one way, you can hire  11 passenger van rental Los Angeles to San Francisco , 12 passenger van rental Los Angeles to San Francisco or 15 Passenger Van Rental Los Angeles to San Francisco from us at cheap rates and trouble free service. To rent 11, 12 & 15 passenger van hire LAX Contact LAX Van Rentals or call us at toll free number 888-840-1198 today. To earn 10% discount check out our website and compare the rates we offer and make a smarter choice.