Rent 15 Passenger Van for a short trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas or San Francisco

Diverse selection of vans is offered by LAX Van Rentals to all customers in Los Angeles. We specialize in cargo and passenger van rentals services offering superior quality with the new 15 passenger transit van 2015 made by Ford. If you are travelling in groups, then you can choose full size hightop 15 passenger van rentals. It makes sense to opt for vans while travelling in groups rather than renting for two or three midsized cars. This will only prove out to be expensive. Whether you are on a short trip with your family or on a road trip with friends, opting for cheap full size passenger vans always makes sense. 15 Passenger Transit Vans not just offer comfortable travel while in groups, but also ensure that you can carry your luggage without any hassles.

LAX Van Rentals Los Angeles offer 15 passenger van rentals to the customers apart from 7, 8 and 11, 12 passenger vans rentals. All regular or Luxury cars are also offered to people who are looking for a luxurious ride. In any case, comfort is assured by the agency. All the vehicles in the fleet are serviced and maintained to ensure that the customers have a smooth ride while using the vehicles. The new 15 passenger transit van 2015 and hightop transit 350 XLT offers a comfortable ride to your group of friends and family for a short trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas or San Francisco. These vans make a perfect option for vacations, tours and road trips. These vehicles feature anti lock brakes which ensures easy drive even while carrying lots of cargo and passengers. Back-Up cameras is yet another feature to look out for in these vehicles. LAX Van Rentals Los Angeles has been operating in the city for quite a while and we are expert when it comes to offering premium van rental services in Los Angeles.

The fleet of 15 passenger van rentals always go through stringent checks to keep them ready for any immediate long trips which you may have to undertake, as LAX Van Rentals understands that your plans may change midway and therefore provides you some flexibility. A high standard is maintained by LAX Van Rental Los Angeles when it comes to imparting the quality of customer service. A safe and secure ride is de facto offered when you book 15 passenger van rentals with LAX Van Rentals Los Angeles.       
When you’re travelling in a group with friends and family, it is best to book a van so that everybody can be accommodated in the vehicle. The problem of managing the luggage also gets eliminated when a van is booked instead of two or three regular cars. This even proves to be economical especially when you’re running on a tight budget. Renting a van not just fits into your budget but also offer comfort to you and your family! A 15 passenger van is an ideal choice for a short trip with family or friends.

Book a passenger van today with LAX Van Rentals Los Angeles! Make sure you check out the amazing discounts that we offer to the customers. Check out the website for further details. You can even speak to the customer care representatives at toll-free 888-840-1198 if you wish to know more about the services that we offer. For minivan or full size passenger van hire LAX or cheap sprinter van rental Los Angeles services , you can reserve 8 passenger minivan rental , 12 passenger van rental , 15 Passenger Van Rental and 12 passenger luxury sprinter van rental from lax van rentals at cheap rates and also get unlimited free mileage in California and Las Vegas.